Switching / changing the currently active title
There are 2 correct ways to switch titles, and display the associated issues:

1. From the Title Maintenance window:

On the Title Maintenance window, as long as the title record has been saved, you can click the Issues button ON THE TITLE MAINTENANCE TOOLBAR, NOT THE ISSUES BUTTON ON THE MASTER TOOLBAR.

issuebtn.png (7826 bytes)



This will bring up the Detail window with all the issues for the selected title ("Journey into Mistery" (sp?) in the example above). On new titles, the Issues button will be inactive until you save the record, so save it first. As long as you use the Issues button on the Title window, it keeps the two windows in sync.

If you use the Master Toolbar Issues button, it just makes the Detail window active, but it does not check to see if the titles are the same. There are cases where this makes sense, but it's not the correct way to switch active titles.

isstoolb.png (8734 bytes)

2. From the Issue Detail window:

On the Detail window, click the Find button.

    find_btn.png (4528 bytes)

This will bring up the Find window, where you can select the title (and status(es) you want).

The incorrect way to switch titles is by trying to change the title diplayed in the title field on the Issue Detail window, simply by selecting another title from the list.

If you have the "Confirm Title Change" turned on, this should work just like the Find Button, but I have had some users experience problems with this that I have been unable to recreate.  If you have that option turned off, what you are really doing is telling Realms to change the title on an existing record.  This causes problems with the links between the title and issues, so don't do that.

If you use either method, 1 or 2 above, it should always work fine.