Getting Started with That's An Order!   

Whether you're a long time user, or fairly new to Realms of Wonder (ROW) and/or That's An Order (TAO), I advise taking a look at What's New. That's where you can get the most detailed description of the latest features.

OK, onto the application itself:

Each time That's An Order starts up, it checks to see if there is an order on file in the ORDERS.INI file.  This would be the order you most recently updated.

If there is none found, which will be the case the first time you open TAO each month, the Order Properties window will appear.

IMPORTANT:  You must enter an order record on the Order Properties window before you can assign any items to that order.

On the Order Properties window, enter a name for the order.  I generally use the date of the Previews catalog, and possibly, who I'm ordering through, in the name.  For example "M&M Comics September 2001 order".   That way, it's easy to tell the months apart.  Also, if you order from multiple sources within the same month, it allows you to tell them apart.

You add and remove items from your order by UPDATING THE QUANTIY FIELD, not the Order Indicator field, which is there only for easy sorting (so you can get all your ordered items to appear at the top easily).

Right mouse click on the list of items to see what options you have.  You can change data right in the grid, or use the Item Properties window, which can be selected from the pop-up menu when you right mouse click.  Personally, I like the Item Properties window better.  Images can be viewed only from the Item Properies window.

Please note that M&M Comics and Previews use slightly different item numbers (different prefix).  The last 4 digits of each represents the actual item, and those are the same except for a couple at the very beginning.

The Print button on the Order Summary window will produce a report that looks as much like the Previews Order Form as I could make it, if you want to use that to hand in, send or fax your order.

The print button on the Item List window will print whatever is currently in the list.   Don't try to print out the entire list - memory problems.  Once your order is complete, use the Find button to display only ordered items.  Then you can print or export that.  You can hide and/or move columns so you can format it any way you wish.

The Highlights button is for M&M Comics subscribers.  It contains any special information for the current month.

IMPORTANT:  If you use the feature that has TAO create your order records for you in ROW, please run the Build Lookup Files option from the File menu in ROW, when you start up ROW.  If TAO uses a new Ownership Status, it won't display until you run that option.  I haven't yet had a chance to enhance TAO to do this automatically behind the scenes.