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Realms of Wonder Newsletter, Volume II, Issue #4

Greetings all.  Sorry I didn't come up with an August newsletter.  I hope everyone is doing well.  This is just a quick update.  I'll add some new articles later this week (first week of September), but I wanted to get some of the info up to date.

This is issue 3.5 of the "kind of / sort of" monthly (or bi-monthly, as you see) Realms of Wonder Newsletter (Volume II).

SPAM on the list-serv We're getting occasional spam on the list-serv.  The sending email address   usually looks random ( for example, and usually, the subject line is non-specific ("Great site!", etc.)

I try to catch these, but some get through.  Just delete them, and I'll do the best I can to control them.

I've been receiving A LOT of emails attempting to spread a virus that must have accessed the listserv addresses somehow.  They come from valid addresses on the listserv, including my own -

I will NEVER send an attachment to the group, and I don't think anyone else would either, so do not open attachments unless you absolutely know who it is from, and you were expecting it.

Also, I discovered that if you don't have Service Pack 2 of IE 5 installed, the attachment can be run JUST BY OPENING THE EMAIL IN OUTLOOK EXPRESS.  That was a surprise, as I didn't think that was possible.

Just a word of warning.

Realms of Wonder
Version 5.2.8 (beta)
Version 5.2.8 is in beta. Sorry for the delay in getting this into production, but I've been working on a number of enhancements/fixes that are pretty much done now.  I'll be moving into production in early September.  BTW, there's no real meaning to the numbering, so don't worry if you didn't see a 5.2.6 or 5.2.7

If you're at all unsure if you have the latest version, check the About option, on the Help menu

Email me directly if you need the upgrade location. 

That's An Order (TAO) Sept 2002 Data available That's An Order (TAO), an application that automates the process of ordering from the Previews Catalogue each month, can be found at

It's updated with the information from the September 2002 Previews Catalog

For What It's Worth (FWIW) through Sept 2002 For What It's Worth (FWIW - pronounced like Elmer Fudd saying "free"), the monthly value update program, has data through Sept 2002.   The application is available at

How to Handle TPBs and Reprints This is a fairly common question.  As long as you are using the latest version (beta 5.2.3), ROW offers pretty significant support for handling TPBs and Reprints.  You can go from cursory entry with almost no detail, all the way to complete detail for each issue contained in a TPB.

Click here for a fairly in depth explanation of your options for handling TPBs in ROW.  BTW, this information is also in the help file.   Click Search under the Help menu, and then type in TPB in the keyword(s) box.

Undocumented Features  (yeah right <g>) "Undocumented Features", like "beta testing" are a couple of the many programmer tricks of the trade for pretending a mistake is actually a benefit.  What an "undocumented feature" really means is "Oops, I forgot to put this in the help file".  Well, I'm as guilty as the next person, so I will try to document each month, here at least, the ones I think cause confusion.

Title Confirmation:

This is all related to the issue around changing the currently active title.   There is a write up on that in the help, or, simply click here to view it.

There is an option on the Issue Options menu of the Issue Detail window (right mouse-click anywhere on the window to pop-up this menu).

This option was added as a result of a user request (and a very good one, IMHO) to have Realms confirm that you really want to switch titles when you are working on one title, and then select a different one from the Title drop down on the Issue Detail window (not the Find window - that's where Realms expects you to do it).

So, if this option is turned on (on the Issue Detail Menu), Realms will keep track of the "Current Title", and if you switch other than the expected ways (by using the Find window, or the Issues button on the Title Maintenance window), Realms will ask if you really want to switch.  In addition, if there are no issues for that title, Realms will show an empty grid to the right of the Issue Detail window.

If this option is not turned on, there will be no confirmation, and the grid would be invisible when no issues exist.

Table Tips and Features Realms makes use of quite a few tables of data, most notably on the Summary window.  Click here to read an explanation of a lot of the common features of these tables.
See you all next time As always, if you ever run into any problems, have any questions, suggestions, etc., please never hesitate to let me know. I'll always try to get back to you the same day. If you do send me an e-mail, and don't here back by 2 days, I probably didn't receive it, so you might want to try again. My email address is

Best wishes to all,