Skipping Multiple / Ambiguous Updates Until Later

Running FWIW can be somewhat time consuming, based on the size of your collection, and the number of months you are updating.  In the past, if FWIW came upon an issue where it couldn't figure out which of several records to update, it would pop-up a confirmation window and sit there until you selected the appropriate action.

Now, you can tell FWIW to ignore those issues, flag them for later review, and continue on with the update.  This should allow you to do your first pass of the update data without having to be anywhere near the machine.

On the toolbar, there is a new option (checkbox):

fwiw_toolbar.png (3395 bytes)

Turn on (check) the Skip Multiple Updates option.  A better name is probably "ambiguous updates" since it can happen either when there are multiple copies of the same issue, or different issues with similar, non numeric issue numbers, but the intent is the same.

Do you normal monthly updates - match new titles, select the appropriate time period, etc.  When ready, click the Update Collection button, like you do each month.

FWIW should update all the records without popping up any confirmation windows.  Once the process is complete, click the Find button on the toolbar.

fwiw_find.png (3784 bytes)

This will display the Find Window.  Enter "Please Review" (no quotes) in the Old_Issue_Data field.   Then click the Find (And) button.

FWIW will then display all the issues that need to be resolved.

fwiw_review.png (16214 bytes)

Now, turn OFF the Skip Multiple Updates option.   Then click Update Collection again.  You should now get the confirmation window on each of these issues, where you can then select the appropriate record(s) to update.

fwiw_update.png (12118 bytes)

In this example, you'll see I had two copies of this issue, with different conditions.   I selected to update both.